Fayette Bible Church was started in the mid 1960's as a Bible Study meeting in the Old Washington Hotel on Main Street. The group of people that met at that time became burdened to begin an independent ministry that stood for the fundamentals of the faith and took a non-compromising stand on the religious issues of the day. So in March of 1967, Fayette Bible Church began and met for five years in the old Sunnyside School building.

In 1972, the Board and Pastor Howard presented a plan to build a church located on a piece of property on Dayton Avenue. The church approved and construction was completed by the end of the year. The church voted to start a Christian School in 1974 and expanded the facility in 1977 to accommodate the needed classroom space. The expansion included seven classrooms, a small gym, and a teacher's supply room.  An adjacent field was also purchased and transformed into a soccer playing field.

The ministry has been under the leadership of several men through the years. Reverend Graydon Cox was very instrumental in getting the Bible Study underway and the church started. Reverend Cox was employed by the Ohio Bible Mission, the evangelistic arm of the Ohio Bible Fellowship. Reverend Clyde Broadbelt then came to assume the pastorate for the next two years.

Denis O. Howard became the pastor in May of 1970. Under his leadership, the church building was constructed, the school was founded, and many programs were established. His ministry continued for twelve years until November of 1982 when he moved to Tucson, Arizona to pastor a church.

After a brief ministry led by K. Spencer Brown in 1983, the Lord led Thomas N. Coffman to assume the pastorate from March of 1984 to June of 1999. In July of 1999, Pastor Tony Garren was appointed interim Pastor.  He, along with his wife, had served at Fayette Bible Church as the Youth Pastor. In September of 1999 he was called to become the pastor of Fayette Bible Church.

"Standing on the Authority of the Word of God." Fayette Bible Church is to be a modern biblical example of God's eternal Church, a fertile area for the growth and spread of the Gospel in our community.

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Worship Times

  • Sunday School: 9:30am

  • Sunday Worship Service: 10:45am

  • Sunday Evening Service: 6:00pm

  • Wednesday Service: 7:00pm